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Who are we?

From The Ground Up Yoga - Canada opened its doors in 2022, and has been providing affordable trauma sensitive yoga classes in the Sackville, Lower Sackville, Middle/Upper Sackville and Mount Uniacke area.

We teach Hatha Flow and our goal is  to provide an environment that is safe, sacred, and diverse.  

We have a maximum of 10 participants. With ample personal distancing between spaces.

A space for all to practice

What is trauma sensitive yoga?

Trauma sensitive and/or trauma informed classes are based on polyvagal theory and are sequenced in a way the takes our mind and bodies gently in to our flight/fight response system and back in to the rest recover or Social Engagement System. We make this transition several times during the class which helps us maintain an effective stress response system and proficient window of tolerance.

A trauma informed class is aware of the physiological  and psychological  effects of trauma and prolonged stress to our minds and bodies.  We understand triggers and make every effort to mitigate them during instruction.

We are always in the present moment and aware of our breath and our body.

Meditating in Nature

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