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Our Story

We appreciate you wanting to learn about us!

Initially,  From The Ground Up Yoga - Canada was conceived to offer trauma sensitive yoga to Military, RCMP, Police Departments, First Responders, and Health Care workers as these groups are predominantly exposed to austere stress and trauma on a daily basis. Many suffer from PTSD and/or other Operational Stress Injures (OSI).

Trauma however, discriminates to no one. From the unborn child to the very elderly, trauma, prolonged stress, OSIs, and traumatic brain injuries change our lives forever.  The physiological and psychological  effects can be debilitating, numbing, and infinite.

Exposure to trauma can render our bodies inept at self regulating our stress response systems. It is paramount that our bodies are permitted to enter into the fight/flight and rest/recover stages at its natural processing rhythm. 

When this process is not permitted to happen, a trauma ridden nervous system becomes ineffective at transitioning to and from theses states. The transition back and forth from fight/flight and freeze can often be very abrupt and sharp. Never finding the rest/recover state. We can also find ourselves stuck or frozen in a mobilize or immobilize state for prolonged periods of time. Rarely maintaining a harmonious window of tolerance for our minds and bodies. Reliving traumatic experiences one trigger after another. 

See more on our window of tolerance below.

At From The Ground Up Yoga - Canada, we endeavour to take the body from fight and flight to rest and recover, and back again, at a rate that helps fine tune our nervous systems and helps maintain a proficient window of tolerance. We do this, well - From The Ground Up.

No body is precluded  from the adverse affects of trauma. The body does not forget. We are healing the body, mind,  and spirit from the ground up.

If you feel you may be suffering from the effects of prolonged stress and/or trauma, please reach out to your local mental health professionals. 

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